Case Studies

Take a look at how we do it.

Agreed's system of action has helped change-makers in 40+ companies create +$100B of value.

Health provider case study

“This client was a regional U.S. health provider, with a revenue of $800 million, who had in its property 3 acute care hospitals, a physicians enterprise, a commercial lab, a retail pharmacy, and an ambulance company.”

4x growth margin | increased accountability |+500 ideas

B2B Electronics case study

“This client was a U.S. sales and services division of a $60B+ Japanese conglomerate. This particular division has a revenue of more than $850 million and a staff of over 500 employees.”

+$45M growth | improved processes | +300 ideas

Global direct marketing leader case study

“One of our highest-profile clients is a global direct marketing leader with a revenue of more than $500 million.”

+$85M growth | improved execution | +250 ideas

Home Healthcare case study

“Another success story is a home healthcare industry leader with a revenue of more than $1 Billion and a staff of more than 1000 employees. ”

+$40M growth | improved accountability | +450 ideas

Health Insurance case study

One of our biggest and most successful clients is a large U.S. Health insurer with a revenue of more than $6.5 billion, a staff of more than 100k people, and 1.65 million partnerships.

+$200M growth | improved income | +1.2k ideas

Higher education case study

Learn how Agreed is helping universities raise the new generation of entrepreneurs

+$69M growth | improved learning processes | +1000 ideas

Business Development & Partnerships case study

The hardest part for many business development people isn’t building and maintaining relationships. It's getting enough attention around the opportunity and then building internal support to make them happen

+$85M growth | improved collaboration | +2.4k ideas